Photography Relationships with COMPETE Images

COMPETE Images is constantly seeking great sporting event photographers, as well as photographers who have a knowledge and keen eye for creating commercially viable sports images.

Our sporting event photographers cover events such as football, cricket, rugby, athletics, basketball, swimming, motor racing and nearly 300 other sports types. If you feel that you have the ability to shoot great content and the right equipment to support your work, we would be interested to speak further with you. Our present business model is a ‘represented’ basis, where you keep the ownership/copyright of your material and we market and distribute it from our site to potential clients worldwide. We assist our photographers with accreditation for events with the support of our agency.

For our commercial collection we seek either model released or images without recognizable people in the image. These images need to be of commercial advertising size (at least 50mb format- 5000 x 3500 pixels in non-reworked format) and not be placed with any other agencies.

If you believe that this opportunity is ‘just right for you’, please follow the process below to make contact and submit examples for our editors to review:

Submissions: To set up and test the quality of your work against our preferred standards, we suggest the following process:

  1. Send us 20-30 low resolution images that you feel characterize your normal work that you wish to submit. Low resolution would be in the range of 250 x 350 pixels at 72dpi for this test.
  2. Send us an email, with these images attached to ‘info (at)’
  3. Within 48 hours, our editors will review your work and let you know it’s relevancy for our style, needs and general content.
  4. If we decide that your work is a good fit, we will ask for 5-10 high resolution images to be sent to us for technical review. This review will take into account image format, color balance, general quality, scan quality (if original was film), IPTC data, keywording and captioning.
  5. Within 5 working days, we will then let you know our final decision as to working together and if we decide it is positive for both parties, we will send you our standard agency editorial contributor agreement.
  6. If you would like to use our standard model release form please contact to receive a copy of this document.


For submissions of images for commercial use (model released or no faces, logos etc) please let us know and we will confirm the basis for submissions for the commercial library. These, at the very least, must be original 50mb or greater images (without any res-up or additional work). They should also, if possible, have TIFF format available to make them more desirable to the general market (but not absolutely necessary, depending upon the size of the available JPG file)